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November 2021 Update - Affiliate Almanack

published10 months ago
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I hope you have had a great month. Its Q4 already so if you are into anything marketing, you know things are going crazy.

Anyway, since this is my first Newsletter issue and you are one of my very first subscribers, I welcome you to my small cohort of like minded people who are growing their own niche sites or want to.

A little about me

My name is Ahmed Nabi. I am 29 years old from Pakistan. My parents wanted me to become an Engineer but I found my love for entrepreneurship when I was in grad school.

Though I did become an engineer and worked for a conglomerate for a few years, the entrepreneur inside me would not let me continue working for someone else so I quit my rather high paying 9-5 job in September 2018 to work for myself full time.

In August last year, I started my first content site and instantly loved with the business model. The front-loaded and later hands-off approach really appealed to me so I got all in.

Now, I am growing both sites and aiming to reach 10,000 USD per month in Ad + Affiliate revenue by the End of 2023 (24 months).

I am by no means a guru who is going to teach you the hidden secrets of affiliate marketing. I am just a guy who is doing something he loves and sharing what I learn along the way.

What to expect in Affiliate Almanack Newsletter

The main purpose of this monthly Newsletter is to share what I learn while growing these two sites (I might add more sites who knows).

I have found that learning in public is always efficient because it keeps you accountable and productive. Also, teaching someone else also reinforces your own learning.

Every month end, you will get an Affiliate Almanack issue in your inbox containing:

  • What I was up to that month
  • What I learned and applied to my sites
  • How my sites did traffic & revenue wise
  • New strategies and tactics I learned

I might even send a few additional micro-broadcasts in between monthly updates to share something new and exciting that I learn.

November 2021 Update

Coming towards our first update for this Newsletter, I am going through both of my sites and discuss each in detail.

For now, I am not going to reveal the exact domain names since both sites have very low DA and prone to copycats but will do it when I reach 1000 e-mail subscribers. So, fingers crossed.

Site 1: Niche - Consumer Tech

I started this website in August 2020 when everyone was locked inside their homes due to pandemic. This is in consumer tech niche and talks about camera drones and their usage in different everyday applications.

This site didn't start off very well. Primarily because this was my first site and I didn't know anything about the type of content to write. So, I spend good time on content that didn't bring any traffic at all.

It recently start taking off after I changed my keyword research strategy (I will write about it in a separate e-mail)

Here are the November states.

  • No of posts : 41
  • November 2021 Pageviews : 6,590
  • November 2021 Revenue : 205.69 USD
    • Ezoic Ads : 196.97
    • Amazon Affiliate : 8.72 USD

Site 2: Niche - Outdoors

I am an outdoorsy person and love to travel, camp and hike. I started this site because I love the niche, have a lot of experience and generally like to write about outdoor adventures.

My first article was published on March 7, 2021 and in the last 8 months, the site has shown great progress. I see great potential in this site going forward.

  • No. of posts: 62
  • November 2021 Pageviews : 8,634
  • November 2021 Revenue : 460.19
    • Ezoic Ads : 358.14 USD
    • Amazon Affiliate : 102.05 USD

How do I write content?

Good content is at the heart of any niche affiliate site. It is what drives impressions and clicks to your website via search engines (mainly Google). So for a successful affiliate site, you need an efficient strategy that can consistently produce good content.

I initially wrote most of the content for both sites (first 20-30 posts) and after that I decided to outsource the writing. I enjoy writing myself and am pretty decent writer but the purpose was to speed up the publishing schedule.

But it didn't work.

I tried more than 15 different writers from different platforms and local facebook groups but most of them were just re-writing the existing blogs which I didn't want.

So, I fired all of them and started writing myself again.

Currently, I am the sole writer on both my sites. On average, write 1 blog post daily and publish on alternate sites so that each site can get around 3 posts per week.

I might hire writers again in near future but for now, this is my content strategy and its working. The articles I write are of good quality and I publish them knowing that they are not copied from someone else's previous work.

That's all

That's all for this month update. Apart from the updates, I will be sending out occasional content mainly sharing content strategies, keyword research methods, competitor analysis, niche selection and overall growing your site.

Since I do not have a lot of subscribers at the moment, if you have any questions, you can shoot me a quick e-mail and I can promise it will not get lost in my inbox ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope you find something of value in this and all my future newsletter issues.

Until next time!