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How I use JARVIS to write FAST? - Affiliate Almanack

published8 months ago
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I sent an e-mail yesterday with my monthly status update where I mentioned that I use JARVIS (now Jasper) AI to write some of my content.

Some. Not all.

A lot of people were curious if Jarvis' AI-written content ranks and how to best use it.

The answer is - Yes, it ranks, but you have to use it right.

Jarvis' secret recipe is understanding what it CAN'T do more than what it CAN do.

Let me explain how Jarvis works before I explain how to use it the right way.

Jarvis is an AI tool that uses a machine-learning language model called GPT-3 developed by Elon Musk's OpenAI. It can write human-like text by getting a few inputs from the user.

GPT-3 database is periodically fed the entire open internet's knowledge. It can consume that and learn as it goes. The more data it eats, the better it gets.

It knows all the facts and figures accessible on the internet, but it is not really good at contextual differentiation between them.

That's where most people overestimate its abilities. Jarvis has all the internet's knowledge, but it seldom knows where to spit it right.

If you keep this limitation in mind, it will be very easy to use Jarvis the right way.

What is Jarvis good at?

Jarvis can write you a compelling copy based on general opinion. It can do this so good that no one can differentiate it from human work.

If you ask it to write an intro paragraph about the "benefits of morning hike," it will nail it.

If you ask it to list down "10 benefits of using open communication with your partner," it will get it perfectly right.


Because most of these things are based on popular opinion and not facts that can be misinterpreted. T

here is a lot of written knowledge-base about the benefits of open communication with your spouse. Every point is someone's opinion that is as valid as the next person's.

It is also really good at expanding your own opinion. If you write a paragraph about building trust with your manager and ask Jarvis to expand on your idea, it will do it really well.

In fact, in most cases, it writes even better than I do.

Where does Jarvis suck?

Now, this is the important part.

Jarvis is not really good at facts and figures. It doesn't understand the context around figures & numbers very well and loses nuance while interpreting them.

It also wanders off if you let it produce content on its own without interrupting. If you leave it alone, it will start spewing garbage, and mostly will repeat itself after a while.

Without proper context and handholding, it will produce useless content that you can't publish.

Learning to work with Jarvis requires patience and practice, but once you master it, it will speed up your content production so much.

How do I use Jarvis to write faster?

Now coming to the main part - how I use Jarvis to speed up my content production.

I learned Jarvis by producing garbage over and over again.

The more garbage I produced, the more I understood what it CANT do.

With time, I learned its strengths and its weaknesses.

I learned where it can go on its own and do a better job than me and where it needs my handholding.

Once I understood that, it cut down my content production time by almost 30% - 40%

As of now, I am using it in almost every article. In fact, I start my articles in Jarvis editor and than copy-paste them into Wordpress.

Here is how I currently use it to its full potential...

In almost every article, there are either facts or your opinion about those facts.

For example, if you are writing about iPhone 13, you will probably write about its HD screen and then write what the HD display can help you accomplish.

The first one is a fact and the second one is your opinion about it and its usefulness.

To use Jarvis the right way, write the fact on your own followed by a little bit of your opinion ("this HD display is so much better than the previous generation phones that now you can watch...") and then hand it over to Jarvis, and it will complete the entire paragraph for you with opinions that revolve around and reinforce your original idea.

Cool right? You just saved yourself a few minutes of thinking of what to write and how to fill the gaps. Jarvis will do that in like 5 seconds.

Now repeat that with all the other filler content between facts.

But remember...

All this requires practice - a lot of it.

It took me a solid week to get it right, and the more I am using it, the more I understand it and the better it is getting.

It's all about understanding what it can and cannot do.

Does AI content rank?

Absolutely. I have countless articles I have partially written with Jarvis, and they are ranking well.

But if you write 100% of your blog with Jarvis and publish it without bothering to read or edit it, chances are it will never see the first page.

So, use it to help you write, not replace you.

If you are curious about Jarvis, you can get your free 10,000 words and try it out (links below). (aff)

After reading this e-mail, feel free to reply or DM me on Twitter if you have any questions.

Until next time.

- Ahm@d

P.S: Jarvis recently changed its name to Jasper due to a C&D notice from Marvel. Until enough people know Jasper is Jarvis, I am going to stick with the old name.