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December 2021 Update - Affiliate Almanack

published9 months ago
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Ahm@d here with December update about my niche sites progress.

I hope you had a great Christmas and holidays. I have been lazy for the past week or so due to holidays myself (one of the reason you are getting this newsletter late) but as they say;

"a weekend wasted is not a weekend wasted"

This month, I saw great progress with both my sites and I am excited to share them with you today.

If you have been working on any new project, or need my help or opinion, just shoot me an e-mail for a quick chat.

December 2021 Update

December is a shopping season so if you are running a site that is product oriented, you will see a big jump in revenue. Also, people are on the look out for things to buy as gifts, bloggers normally see increased traffic as well.

Here are the numbers for both my sites combined for December 2021.

  • Total posts published (till 31-Dec-2021) : 111
  • Total Pageviews : 22,665
  • Total Earning in December 2021 : 867.38 USD

Let's see each site progress individually in more details.

Site 1: Niche - Consumer Tech

In the start of December, I discovered a bunch of low hanging keywords with considerably high search volume using - Low Fruits (aff).

For these keywords, mostly forums were ranking and no other affiliate site was bothering them.

So, I wrote short 800 - 1200 word articles for each and published. The results came by end of December (see the traffic graph below)

Here are the December states.

  • No of posts (all time) : 46 (5 new published in Dec)
  • December 2021 Pageviews : 12,575 (vs. 6,590 in Nov)
  • December 2021 Revenue : 425.01 USD (vs 205 USD in Nov)
    • Ezoic Ads : 359.44 USD
    • Amazon Affiliate : 65.57 USD

In December, the Pageviews grew by massive 87% thanks to the holiday season and the new low hanging keywords I mentioned above.

The Amazon affiliate commission was up as well but it came from 1 big cart so, statistically, no significant growth here. I am looking into ways to better monetize the affiliate links now that the site is getting good traffic.

Ezoic Ads are however, doing great due to the surge in traffic. I made decent money with display ads this month.

Site 2: Niche - Outdoors

December is not an active month for outdoor enthusiasts so I am expecting the traffic to remain flat or grow slightly.

Its a win if it stays flat to be honest. I will see good spike by end of February as warmer months start in North America and EU.

Here are the December states.

  • No of posts (all time) : 65 (3 new published in Dec)
  • December 2021 Pageviews : 10,090 (vs. 8,634 in Nov)
  • December 2021 Revenue : 442.38 USD (-3.9% vs Nov)
    • Ezoic Ads : 318.03 USD (-11% vs Nov)
    • Amazon Affiliate : 124.35 USD (+21% vs Nov)

This site is doing good on Amazon affiliate. I have been reading case studies from Mushfiq recently and I like his approach of diversifying affiliate sources. I might look into doing some direct deals or go to brand hosted affiliate programs in coming months.

The Ezoic earnings are pretty much consistent. The percentage reduction is due to abnormally high EPMV during Black Friday in November. Otherwise, December was a great month with average EPMV of around $32.

That's it for December. I hope you enjoyed this month progress report and I hope it will motivate you to start and grow your own niche site project.

As always, if you have any questions, you can shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter. I am very responsive :)

Until next month!

My go-to tools for niche site development & SEO

Going forward, with each monthly update, I am going to list my favourite tools that I use for growing my own niche sites. Some of the links are affiliate (marked 'aff') while others are not. But I use all these tools personally in my day to day work and I can honestly vouch for them.

Web Hosting: For web hosting, I use SiteGround (aff)- one of the best in business. I have been with them for past 7 years. Zero issues.

Keyword Research: I am big fan of Ahrefs. No other tool come even close to this. For long tail easy to win keywords, I use Low Fruits (aff)

Fiverr: For small website fixes, writing services, research work or any other freelance work, I go straight to Fiverr (aff)

Display Ads: Display ads are major part of my earnings. I use Ezoic (aff) for that. You can 5x your Google Ads revenue with Ezoic AI platform.

Jarvis AI: Big fan of Jarvis (aff) as it helps me break the writer's block and write faster

Canva: I am not a designer so for all the graphics on my blogs, I use Canva (aff).

GeneratePress: Generate Press(aff) is my goto theme. It's fast & customizable.